02 June 2011

US to Metric for Greasemonkey

First, sorry for the long absence; tight money, boring work and an outrageous rent increase has been keeping my morale down. Many thanks to all who keep subscribed.

Now for the real topic of this blurb*: There's a really nifty script for Firefox'** Greasemonkey that converts a couple of US units into their metric counterparts that should help us rocket scientists understand all those countryside hicks. (Just teasing, keep your forks and torches at bay.) This omghax covers basic dimensions for length, weight, volume and temperature. Some might wish for additional and more complex conversions such as mpg to L/100km, BTU to kWh, and other things like Planck units, furlongs per fortnight, camel-litres per yard-fig*** … Whatever desired, thanks to the inherent open source character of Greasemonkey scripts, those units are only a few stirs in the inclined one's grey matter and a couple of keystrokes away. If only conversion to Atheism was that easy …

Shiny footnote collection:
* Wikipedia begs to differ about my usage of the word blurb, but I don't care, I use it merely for its onomatopeic value. BLUUUUUUUUUURB!!!
** Yes, that's the correct usage of a genitive apostrophe on a noun ending in an s sound. Even in English. Ask Lynne Truss. Seh knows punctuation and doesn't afraid of anything.
*** Can you guess what dimension this unit is for?

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