01 March 2011

Brigthon Dancing Lessons bargain

Hey fellow followers,

I know I've been lazy in the last days. Much work, little time, and most of all: little sunshine. And we did have a picture with not-so-nice weather already, I believe. So, until I get the opportunity to shoot new interesting pictures I will  give my dancing shoes a little polish, because Groupon has this smashing offer with Brighton Dancing: 10 hours of classes, including argentine tango, salsa, latin, ballroom and something they call 'keep fit' for just £22. A steal!

I will pick ballroom. Nothing beats confidence when surprising the ladies, and when you know how to tread, spontaneously grabbing a friend and secret long-time crush and playfully whirling her around is sure to light some fire! (Ladies, you're welcome to agree with me. :p) So head over to groupon.co.uk and join me on the dancefloor.

See you around!


  1. You're allowed to take a little break from blogging. =)