25 March 2011

The Rick is back!

After 17 years abstinence, our hero has released a new single, and it's quite a catchy tune. Let's show him that we'll never gonna give him up, let him down and all that shenanigans.

13 March 2011

As far as the iron reaches

Railroads have always been symbolic for progress, movement and wanderlust, even when they just cross through town as opposed to heading off to the horizon. Travelling to which place does this picture inspire you?

01 March 2011

Brigthon Dancing Lessons bargain

Hey fellow followers,

I know I've been lazy in the last days. Much work, little time, and most of all: little sunshine. And we did have a picture with not-so-nice weather already, I believe. So, until I get the opportunity to shoot new interesting pictures I will  give my dancing shoes a little polish, because Groupon has this smashing offer with Brighton Dancing: 10 hours of classes, including argentine tango, salsa, latin, ballroom and something they call 'keep fit' for just £22. A steal!

I will pick ballroom. Nothing beats confidence when surprising the ladies, and when you know how to tread, spontaneously grabbing a friend and secret long-time crush and playfully whirling her around is sure to light some fire! (Ladies, you're welcome to agree with me. :p) So head over to groupon.co.uk and join me on the dancefloor.

See you around!