19 February 2011

My camera

Is the Ricoh R10. I bought it because it features interval shooting with a minimum interval of 5 s. With an 8 GB SDHC, this baby wraps about 16 hours of footage into a ton of pictures ready to be converted into a timelapse movie.

Crucial accessory: power supply. It's a cheap wall wart with a battery dummy at the end of the cable. Cost: 45 EUR. Probable margin for Ricoh: 1000 %.

The sensitivity is shit. From ISO 400 this thing starts to produce noise like you wouldn't believe. I dropped it once and had to have it repaired because it just wouldn't give a sharp focus anymore unless zoomed in a bit. Sucked. Also, since it came back, dark areas have fine vertical lines about every three pixels or so. No friggin' idea how the cam manages to do this. Oh well. I take bright and big pictures, then resample them to a smaller size to get rid of noise. I also use Selective Gaussian Blur and Desaturation on a layer with all the dark areas to smoothen them. Works fine.

Also, this cam has problems to pick up green hues, they all turn somewhat blueish. Another job for the 'shop.

Ah well. Sorting through the pictures now and editing them. Stay tuned for the upload!



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures man, keep it up.

  2. Yep, post some pictures Please. The ricoh r10 is a fine cam!

  3. i'm so excited about the pictures, hope you post them very soon

  4. You have some great photography on here.

  5. hey man, for some reason i can't comment on your newest post, you should check it out...

  6. Sorry for that, Dr. Grim. Have fixed that now.